inspiring cards

The perfect tool to train intuition, reconnect with your creativity and find inspiration

The deck consists of 28 original cards, full of colours and messages for your inner search.

“I like the freedom and simplicity of the cards. Colours, words and suggestions like small works of art to keep close at hand to let yourself be carried away on an inner journey without limits, except for those you set yourself.”

Federica Cantrigliani

psychologist, coach e Ikigai specialist


ANIMA LIBERA is a deck of 28 unique and original cards, made following 100% intuition.

They do not need previous knowledge to be used because they are simple, direct and clear. This is why they are also suitable for those who have never used other cards before and want to use them independently for themselves or for others.

“I was looking for inspirational cards to set up a workshop and I immediately found them perfect. They are very immediate, easy to interpret and helpful to start the process of reflection and creative process.”


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“I use them with female and male friends, many times, indeed I would say at least every month or when I feel that I need help for me, to inspire me, pamper myself, play, ignite the enthusiasm to start again.”

Anna Teotti

actress and animator in psychophony


This deck contains 2 different souls and stimulates the abilities attributed to the 2 cerebral hemispheres. In fact, each card has a different abstract image , created with intuitive painting, which directly stimulates the creative part of your mind with colors, symbols and graphic signs. On the other side instead, there is a word of inspiration , which in a clear and evocative way indicates the theme on which to focus, and two simple messages that will stimulate you to start your reflections.


“Perfect, concise and essential, but every time they hit exactly the point. I use Anima Libera deck above all in my work to inspire and guide me; to write a blog article or an IG post, or to focus on ideas or create new ones. I believe this deck is a really creative and very powerful inspirational tool.”

Ilaria Mozzi


“A perfect tool when I need to look in a new direction or to bring a bright message into my day”

Veronica Pacella

biologist, coach and author

“I love colours and Anima Libera cards are pure color.
They are energy, vibration, stimulus and can be of great help.”

Michela Bellomo

graphic designer



You can easily use this deck on your own, as a personal tool for your inner search. You can choose a card just picking it from the deck or looking at the colours and marks and choosing the one that resonates with your soul. They are incredible inspiring prompt for journaling, too.
You can also use this deck as an useful instrument in you counseling, coaching, psychological, art therapeutic, spiritual practice.

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“I find Anima Libera cards perfect for the lively and profound suggestions that they can offer to women. They can choose a case, letting themselves be inspired by the colored back, or dwell on the keyword and the questions related to it. Being 28, they are suitable to accompany the work on the menstrual cycle to describe the alternation of days and phases. A truly versatile tool!”

Alessandra Sorrenti


“Anima Libera cards were my first deck of inspiration cards. It is a very simple deck but steeped in meaning, which helps develop lateral thinking and offers a lot of stimulation for reflection.
I recommend it to all creative people who need to have a practical and intuitive tool to work and on their creativity.”

Maringela Vaia

creafter and creative coach

“The cards are very well done and the colors are beautiful. The optimal choice to have a truly complete introspection tool.”


“The colors vibrate and attract, I had never used cards in my life and the experience I have with them is truly magical. They help connect to the underneath word.”


“I’ve had your cards for a couple of years.
I keep them on my altar and every day I choose one to show me how to follow the day. They have a fantastic graphic design. The messages of the cards are as intense and profound as they are simple.”


Hello, I’m Ilaria.

I’m a visual artist and an inner search expert.

I transform creativity into a practical tool for inner search.

I help you use images, colors and symbols to take care of yourself.