Art is the way I use to know myself, tell my story, make sense. And to inspire you to do the same.

visual artist and inner search expert
I WILL SURVIVE ©-Ilaria-Ruggeri

Art, psychology and spirituality

I put together my experiences and my training in these areas, to transform creativity into a practical tool for inner research.

Small actions of creativity and intuition help to find clarity, energy, freedom and enthusiasm.


I help you to cultivate creativity and intuition with small actions.


My projects and art works to inspire your inner search.

creatività e social media - © Ilaria Ruggeri

Art transforms you

An art work is like an amulet, because every day it reminds you who you want to be, where you want to go and what you belong to. Choosing an art work is like falling in love: everything around is transformed and a bond is created between you and the artist who created it.